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Marpol FR products stand out for their continuous innovation and guaranteed reliability.



Marpol FR production is the result of long-term experience in this industry.
Research and innovation always ensures the safety, reliability and efficiency of any machine we manufacture.

Marpol FR machines, designed and developed according to requirements in the areas of specialisation that the company has consolidated over the years, are used across a number of application fields, paying back the efforts of the Company.
Other distinguishing features:
  • Made in Italy.
  • Availability of spare parts from distributor.
  • Immediate technical answers.
  • Spare parts deliveries in 48 h (Spare parts available in US warehouse).
  • Professional product for specialists.
  • Innovative products: one single model for all voltages (single-phase and three-phase) with speed control and assisted cutting (LED) (so you can do without other saws) - this qualifies the distributor as cutting-edge.

The machining operations of Marpol FR have, for many years, been the company's strength, in terms of both production capacity and its cooperation with many big companies in the province of Bologna.

Marpol FR can produce any component based on a specific drawing that requires several machining cycles (CNC turning and milling), ensuring a high-quality service to customers. Marpol FR can perform different operations thanks to its constant investment in cutting-edge machines.

All works are carried out according to customers’ specific requests, ensuring maximum cooperation, professionalism and fast delivery.

Processed materials:
Special ground steel for heat treatments – drawn steel – aluminium – stainless steel – brass – plastic.

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