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Orthopaedic workshops and laboratories

MARPOL FR has developed a series of grinding, milling and sanding machines especially for the orthopaedic sector, which are characterised by their stable and solid construction, working ergonomics, component quality and operational safety.

Although technology and information technology have refined the techniques for making orthopaedic items, the use of combined equipment for different production processes and the customisation of certain elements is still essential. Particularly in the manufacture of insoles for balancing loads and postural pressures, or precision grinding work on stainless steel and titanium prostheses.

Particular attention has been given to the fine dust extraction systems to ensure the cleanest and healthiest possible working environment.

Sturdy structures, custom-built electric motors designed to last for years with an immediate stop motor brake, safe working thanks to adequate protection and a powerful extraction system are the main and essential characteristics of this type of equipment.

We particularly highlight:
-    the pad grinding machine mod. 3100 (enter ››)
-    funnel type milling machine mod.3200/3000 (enter ››)
-    adjustable sander with funnel type milling machine mod. 3300 (enter ››)
-    adjustable sander with funnel type milling machine mod. 3400 (enter ››)
-    vertical sander with large work surface mod. 306/B (enter ››)

Technical support guaranteed by MARPOL FR nationally and by our dealers for foreign countries.

Wide availability of spare parts.


Write to info@marpolfr.com per avere i riferimenti dei rivenditori.


Orthopaedic workshops and laboratories