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MARPOL FR: we think green

Reduce polluting emissions, create a working environment that positively impacts behaviors consistent with green and sustainability principles.

Good practices that are now impossible to ignore for a future that is more attentive to respecting the environment. Small changes which, if put into practice by everyone, can help reverse the trend, reduce environmental risk and save energy.

These are the reasons that made us consider adopting models aimed at increasing environmental sustainability in the company.

MARPOL FR has thought about its green future.
We turned to industry professionals to develop an energy diagnosis and install photovoltaic panels with rigorously selected materials. This was an important investment that will save us on traditional energy consumption, helping to reduce 0.53 kg of CO2 for every kWh produced by our photovoltaic system.

MARPOL FR has oriented the choice of solar panels towards a more ecological, albeit more expensive type: at the end of their life cycle these panels will be reused as they contain substances that can be reused once correctly separated from the other materials present inside of the structure itself. It is estimated that the recycling of the photovoltaic system will be around 96%, a percentage that could grow further thanks to the continuous studies that are carried out to improve decommissioning and disposal techniques.


We have also installed a charging station for electric cars to encourage its use by our employees so that they adopt behaviors consistent with the principles of the green economy.

We believe that the creation of a more ecological working environment positively impacts the experience and psychophysical well-being of employees, with a view to improving their respective working conditions.

MARPOL FR: we think green