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Portable or stationary band saws

In companies working in the precision engineering sector, in subcontracting in general, there is a need to cut metal and non-metal materials flexibly and quickly.

A blade rotating on two pulleys in a uniform and continuous manner. In practice, a blade of infinite length that cuts only a very short distance and returns to the same point numerous times, helping to cut a profile, a bar or a solid pipe, a workpiece, uniformly and evenly by means of a distributed load.

Our band saw models are of the horizontal type, as is the cutting position, which can be straight or inclined. While the motors allow speed variation, a device automatically adjusts the blade tension. The workpiece is fixed to a vice that is adjustable for inclination.

The blades
Choosing the type of blade to use for the saw is crucial. Not only in the case of portable or stationary saws. Depending on the type of application or material to be cut, consideration must be given to the shape and height of the tooth, the type of material from which it is made, the rake angle, the pitch, the set. These are all characteristics that determine their cutting precision and durability, or resistance to heat and wear. Aluminium, pipes and profiles, carbon steels, stainless steels, cast irons, copper alloys, plastics or wood require different types of blades.

Work safety
A band saw, due to its dynamics, is certainly a machine tool with elements of danger. However, its construction, special technical/constructive measures, conscious use through special control elements and the use of personal protective equipment allow it to be used safely.

The main measures:

  • positioning and removing workpieces from the work surface only when the machine is stopped
  • make sure that you have clamped the workpieces perfectly before starting the cut
  • lower the blade slowly onto the workpiece to avoid excessively aggressive contact
  • if the blade gets stuck on the workpiece, immediately push the emergency button
  • remove machining chips only when the machine is stopped
  • wearing protective equipment such as gloves, goggles and earplugs
  • not carrying out measurements or cleaning while the machine is running

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Portable or stationary band saws